I wrote a poem about the story of Easter. I will share it here for the children:

They adored Jesus as He rode into Jerusalem,

Yet Good Friday brought calm before the storm,

Betrayal and despair were unleashed with scorn,

Jesus was seized and crucified, fully informed.

Amid the dark night Jesus was mocked,

His followers watched, feeling shocked,

Beaten and nailed to the cross to die,

Jesus suffered, breathed His last and died.

Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon,

Jesus broke free from his tomb,

His soul transformed as life was resumed,

He broke free from the tomb, no longer consumed.

Like a seed planted deep in the ground,

Appearing to die, yet new life is found,

Sacrificing Himself so grace would abound,

The Son of God is crowned.

Growing blessings for all mankind,

Salvation for those who seek Him shall find,

Jesus was created to be divine,

To save the souls of the righteous kind.

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Aaaaaand what would you add?

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